Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar Reviews: Scam or Legit?



As a busy mom of two, finding time for myself, especially for exercise, can feel like a luxury I can hardly afford. Between school runs, meal preps, and the never-ending cycle of laundry and cleaning, squeezing in a workout often falls to the bottom of my to-do list. 

However, I’ve discovered a game-changer that fits seamlessly into my hectic lifestyle—the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar. This compact and versatile piece of equipment has not only made it possible for me to engage in effective workouts at home but has also transformed the way I feel physically and mentally. The convenience of having a gym-like experience at home, without the need for bulky equipment or even a lot of space, has been nothing short of a revelation. 

Whether it’s a quick session between my duties or a more extended workout when the kids are asleep, the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar has become my go-to for staying active and energized. It’s truly a blessing for any parent looking to maintain fitness without compromising family time.

Let me share the details below.

What is Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar?

The Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is a versatile piece of fitness equipment designed to enhance Pilates workouts. It is a portable, lightweight bar that incorporates resistance bands to allow for a variety of exercises aimed at improving strength, flexibility, and posture. This equipment is suitable for users of all fitness levels, from beginners to advanced practitioners, and can be used for workouts at home or on the go due to its portability.

Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar Reviews

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How Does It Work?

The Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar works by utilizing resistance bands attached to a bar, providing resistance as you perform various Pilates exercises. This resistance helps in engaging more muscle groups than traditional Pilates exercises that rely solely on body weight. 

The bar serves as a tool for enhancing alignment, balance, and control during the exercises, making it effective for toning the body, building lean muscle, and improving posture. The equipment is designed to be multifunctional, supporting a wide range of exercises that target different parts of the body, including the core, arms, legs, and back.

The Pros of Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar

  • Versatility: The Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is suitable for a wide range of exercises, making it a versatile addition to any fitness routine. It can be used to target various muscle groups, including the core, arms, legs, and back.
  • Portability: Its lightweight and compact design make it easy to store and transport, allowing users to maintain their Pilates practice anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or while traveling.
  • Low Impact: The exercises performed with the Pilates bar are low impact, making them suitable for individuals with joint issues or those recovering from injuries. It offers a gentler workout option for rehabilitation.
  • Improves Fitness Levels: Regular use can lead to improved flexibility, balance, coordination, and overall fitness levels. It also helps in strengthening the core and enhancing posture.

The Cons of Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar

  • Learning Curve: For beginners, there may be a learning curve in mastering the correct form and technique for various exercises. It might be advisable to take a few classes with a qualified instructor or follow online tutorials to get started.
  • Limited Resistance Adjustment: Some users may find the resistance offered by the bands to be either too challenging or not challenging enough. While some Pilates bars allow for resistance adjustment, the range may not satisfy all fitness levels.
  • Durability Concerns: Depending on the model and usage, there might be concerns regarding the durability of the resistance bands and the bar itself. It’s important to choose a high-quality Pilates bar to ensure longevity.

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How to Use Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar

To get started with the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar, follow these steps:

  1. Setup: Attach the resistance bands to the bar if they are not already in place. Ensure the bands are securely fastened to avoid any accidents during the workout.
  2. Choose Your Exercise: Decide on the exercises you wish to perform. The Pilates bar can be used for a variety of movements, including squats, lunges, bicep curls, and overhead presses.
  3. Perform the Exercises: Hold the bar and perform the exercises with controlled movements. Focus on maintaining proper form and engaging the correct muscle groups. The resistance from the bands will add an extra challenge to the exercises.
  4. Adjust as Needed: If the resistance feels too easy or too hard, adjust the length of the bands by wrapping them around the bar or using the adjustment mechanisms, if available.
  5. Cool Down: After completing your workout, perform a series of stretches to cool down and help your muscles recover.

Is Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar Legit?

Yes, it’s legit. The Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar supports a variety of exercises that target different muscle groups, including the core, arms, legs, and back. This makes it an all-in-one fitness tool suitable for full-body workouts. 

Users can perform exercises like squats, lunges, bicep curls, and more, which are crucial for developing muscle strength and improving overall fitness.

Many users have reported better workout results with the Pilates bar compared to traditional gym equipment. The ability to perform a variety of exercises that engage multiple muscle groups simultaneously is frequently mentioned as a key advantage

Compared to expensive gym memberships and heavy-duty home gym equipment, the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is an affordable option that provides substantial value.

Where to Buy Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar?

You can get the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar from their official retail store. It’s currently on sale, though I’m not sure for how long.

I bought mine there, and I’m pleased with it. They shipped it out fast, and their customer service was top-notch!

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1. Does the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar come with workout videos?

Yes, the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar comes with free instructional workout videos. These videos are taught by certified Pilates experts, ensuring that users can follow along with confidence and correctly perform the exercises to maximize their workout benefits.

2. What types of exercises can I do with the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar?

The Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is designed for a wide range of exercises that target various muscle groups, including the core, arms, legs, and back. It supports a variety of Pilates exercises and can be used for strength training, flexibility improvement, and posture enhancement. The versatility of the Pilates Bar makes it a comprehensive tool for full-body workouts.

3. Is the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar suitable for beginners?

Absolutely, the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is suitable for individuals of all fitness levels, including beginners. The inclusion of instructional workout videos taught by certified Pilates experts makes it easy for beginners to learn the correct techniques and get the most out of their workouts. 

Additionally, the low-impact nature of Pilates exercises performed with the bar makes it a safe option for those just starting their fitness journey.

4. How portable is the Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar?

The Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is designed with portability in mind. It is lightweight and can be easily assembled and disassembled, making it convenient to store or transport. This feature allows users to maintain their Pilates practice anywhere, whether at home, in the office, or while traveling, ensuring that they can stay consistent with their workouts regardless of their location.

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Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar Customer Reviews

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 124 reviews)
Very good9%

May 1, 2024

It is very convenient to use for bodybuilding, it is very convenient to carry, and the quality is very good, the price is very cheap, which is very useful for me.

Avatar for Kleok
January 26, 2024

I wasn’t expecting this Pilate set to be so intense. Being a mom of four this Pilate bar is so perfect for a workout at home without having to leave to the gym. I absolutely love this and highly recommend!

Avatar for Melissa Lloyd
Melissa Lloyd
January 26, 2024

Package came right on time. Was easy to put together. I like how they gave you some pilate exercises. No complaints. I did some exercises with the help of YouTube videos and it’s very strong and durable.

Avatar for Raju Buch
Raju Buch
January 23, 2024

Good value for the price. Compact, easy to store or travel with. Good quality.

Avatar for Buster Jaskolski
Buster Jaskolski
January 23, 2024

This is like having a gym of weight set in a bag. You can workout every muscle group with this. It is a different kind of resistance, and you have plenty with the bands provided. Good as an edition to a home gym, or good for traveling, or good for a job where you have some free time to get a great workout, on the go.

Avatar for Richie Twesigomwe
Richie Twesigomwe
January 16, 2024

Easy how it comes apart and all fits in a small bag. great add on to home work outs when you don’t have a lot of room or a home gym.

Avatar for Bill Kalumba
Bill Kalumba
January 10, 2024

I did not receive the booklet with the exercises in it. I looked them up so it’s no big deal to me but someone pickier might get fluffy about it! Still give it a 5-star.

Avatar for Frans Laubscher
Frans Laubscher
January 8, 2024

gets the workout going! right in my living room!

Avatar for Elton Armstrong
Elton Armstrong
January 7, 2024

Easy to put together, nice bag to store it in, and fun to use. It comes with some exercises to try. I’ve never used a Pilates bar before so it was intimidating. The instructions and exercises were clear. I pick this up and use it for ten minutes a day. It’s very convenient. So glad I bought it!

Avatar for Banji Nwuzor
Banji Nwuzor
January 7, 2024

I wish the bands were shorter for more resistance. I’m 5’6 and feel I need to double them up for a challenge. However, the product quality is good; I just wish the bands were shorter.

Avatar for Scarlett Jackson
Scarlett Jackson
January 7, 2024

Bought this Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar for myself, liked it so much I bought it as a gift for my sister! Really stretches your muscles… you feel the difference after using it for a week…”

Avatar for Isabella Wilson
Isabella Wilson
January 7, 2024

I like that the bar breaks down and you can travel, but it is so hard to pull the bar apart once it’s together. The bag it comes with, the drawstrings are already coming unraveled right out of the box.

Avatar for Amelia Brown
Amelia Brown
January 7, 2024

Bought for my son for Christmas, he loves this. It’s so convenient, and he can easily take this anywhere he wants. Works amazingly well, very easy to use, and you can feel the burn.

Avatar for Charlotte Anderson
Charlotte Anderson
January 6, 2024

I enjoy having this set as part of my Pilates routine. It was very easy to assemble and works great. You can look up exercises to target each part of your body with just this one tool. It is a little bulky to store, and I would like to be able to more easily adjust the straps to create more tension.

Avatar for Sophia Anderson
Sophia Anderson
January 6, 2024

I’m not the most coordinated person, but Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar has been a wonderful, easy-to-use addition to my workout regime. Even just 5-10 minutes a day of use, and I am noticing a difference in my waistline and legs!

Avatar for Emily Johnson
Emily Johnson
January 4, 2024

I think it’s a great value for the price, and honestly, the convenience of placing it somewhere where I see it makes working out easy and erases the dread of having to get ready, drive to the gym, and mentally psyche myself for a workout. 15-20 minutes continuously on this goes a long way, and I’m sweating by the end. Just be aware of your height for a good experience if you’re around 5’8 and up.

Avatar for Olivia Martinez
Olivia Martinez
January 3, 2024

Buy this Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar if you want something that is super easy to assemble. The quality is perfect for the price. Get the extended version if you are on the taller side. I am over 6 feet, and the one I purchased was perfect. I am excited to see my progress over the next few months. I never write reviews, so you can trust this one!

Avatar for Ava Davis
Ava Davis
January 2, 2024

There are plenty videos on YouTube to help you find a work out regime that works for you. It looks easy but it is a heck of a workout. Love this and can use in my bedroom.

Avatar for Nick Miller
Nick Miller
January 2, 2024

I love this. It’s easy to out together and use. It comes with a bag to hold the different bands and a poster of various exercises. Lightweight and portable.

Avatar for Selena Schiller
Selena Schiller
January 1, 2024

Easy to construct, many ways to work out with device . Great storage bag when not in use very happy , can adjust workout

Avatar for Julius Jaskolski
Julius Jaskolski
January 1, 2024

Bought Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar for myself, liked it so much I bought it as a gift for my sister! Really stretches your muscles… you feel the difference after using it for a week…

Avatar for Victor Isyagi
Victor Isyagi
January 1, 2024

I recently purchased this Pilates bar with resistance bands, and it has become an essential part of my daily fitness routine. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase! The build quality is excellent – it’s sturdy and durable, ensuring that it can handle a variety of exercises. The resistance bands provide the perfect amount of tension to challenge my muscles without being too strenuous. The ability to adjust the resistance levels is a fantastic feature, making it suitable for users of all fitness levels. This Pilates bar has helped me improve my strength and flexibility, and it’s also great for targeting specific areas of the body. It’s an excellent addition to my fitness equipment, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

Avatar for Grace Smith
Grace Smith
January 1, 2024

I read some reviews that said the sturdiness was an issue, but I haven’t had any problems there. I’m also not using this to get jacked, so maybe it depends on how much stress is put on the bar. It is easy to assemble & disassemble, the various attachments attach & work great, & it all fits nicely in the bag included.

Avatar for Harper White
Harper White
December 29, 2023

I’m not the most coordinated person but, this has been a wonderful, easy to use addition to my work out regime. Even just 5-10 minutes a day of use and I am noticing a difference in my waistline and legs!

Avatar for Jada Leuschke
Jada Leuschke
December 28, 2023

I think it’s a great value for the price and honestly the convenience of placing it somewhere where I see it makes working out easy and erases the dread of having to get ready, drive to the gym, and mentally psyche myself for a workout. 15-20 minutes continuously on this goes a long way and I’m sweating by the end.The only thing I’ll add is I’m 5’9-5’10 ish so if you’re around my height I’d say from 5’8 and up, you should get the adjustable one because I originally bought the non adjustable one and it can’t extend over my head with straight arms without feeling like it’s going to snap. Currently awaiting my adjustable one because I really loved it. Just felt limited in being able to go in for a full extension so please be aware of your height for a good experience.

Avatar for Hassan Chia
Hassan Chia
December 28, 2023

I like everything about the pilates exercise stick except the resistance bands need to be longer. I can’t take the exercise stick above my head when stretching because of the resistance bands not being long enough.

Avatar for Evelyn Wilson
Evelyn Wilson
December 27, 2023

I love this ! Great to start out with! Great for strengthen and stretching!

Avatar for Kaylin Rau
Kaylin Rau
December 27, 2023

It needs more exercise variety and is challenging to fold for travel. The straps and resistance are good, but a beginner’s manual with clearer instructions is needed.

Avatar for Elizabeth Lee
Elizabeth Lee
December 26, 2023

Purchased this on Black Friday! Such a deal! Great for Pilates beginners! Easy to put together! Did a few workouts on YouTube! Definitely got a great sweat and fully body workout!

Avatar for Marley McCullough
Marley McCullough
December 18, 2023

I love that I can take the equipment anywhere. It’s very easy to use and is really versatile. I love that if I don’t want to lift weights or go to the gym I can pull this out and get a good burn right at home.

Avatar for Aadish Banik
Aadish Banik
December 15, 2023

Love it! Easy to use and you can actually feel it working while using it.

Avatar for Forrest Johns
Forrest Johns
December 6, 2023

Bought this for my girlfriend to use at home because she prefers not to go to the gym and it was really easy to set up and use. Comes with a storage bag to put everything away in and a small paper that explain different uses. Great for beginners.

Avatar for Annie Howell
Annie Howell
December 4, 2023

This literally is a perfect kit for exercising. I don’t have the room for a gym area but this is perfect. Easy to use and pack right back up after each use to store away.

Avatar for Kenny Collins
Kenny Collins
December 3, 2023

I love this resistance bar! The bag is so convenient, great to throw in the trunk when traveling to make sure you can fit in some movement and workouts! I like it for stretching as well!

Avatar for Gianni Gibson
Gianni Gibson
December 3, 2023

I honestly thought this was going to come in flimsy but this is sturdy and so convenient for when you’re trying to do out and workout it comes in a little bag it’s so cute

Avatar for Nathan Cronin
Nathan Cronin
December 1, 2023

I have been using it for a few days, very practical and convenient, good product

Avatar for Cade Kunze
Cade Kunze
November 30, 2023

I’m 5′ 7″,… just the right length for doing squats + product is well made.

Avatar for Dan Taylor
Dan Taylor
November 30, 2023

Works like a charm. Has me working my muscles on the daily

Avatar for Lukas Reilly
Lukas Reilly
November 28, 2023

It’s a great workout accessory for small places like my RV. This was a perfect addition to my workout equipment as it added many workout options without having to carry around tons of weights or big equipment.

Avatar for Augustina Elizabeth
Augustina Elizabeth
November 25, 2023

I love it and I found a workout video on YouTube!!!

Avatar for Irene De Villiers
Irene De Villiers
November 18, 2023

I really like this product they sent two weight sizes for me to start with. The length and size is perfect for me. The product was light and very easy to use, I am learning how to do a plethora of exercise, and this is so much better than bulky machines. I am now working out at home the way I should be. I feel myself toning up.

Avatar for Angeline Rodriguez
Angeline Rodriguez
November 18, 2023

The Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands is a versatile and effective home fitness solution. The durable bar provides stability for a wide range of Pilates exercises, enhancing core strength and flexibility. The inclusion of resistance bands adds an extra dimension to workouts, allowing for targeted muscle engagement and progressive resistance. The kit’s compact design makes it convenient for home use, and the adjustable resistance levels cater to users of various fitness levels. Overall, a well-designed and compact Pilates tool that delivers a challenging yet accessible workout experience.

Avatar for Bette Gamwera
Bette Gamwera
November 18, 2023

I’m addicted to this thing 😭 it makes me WANT to work out and you can use it anywhere.

Avatar for John Zondo
John Zondo
November 17, 2023

This set is really good for the money the bar is heavy duty yet not to heavy and it is the perfect length for my use cases the resistancw bands are good quality as well and are easy to get setup with the bar it comes with clips that you clip the resistance band to the bar with.

Avatar for Lewis Graham
Lewis Graham
November 4, 2023

I Love This… it great equipment to add to your fitness journey.

Avatar for Leland Davis
Leland Davis
November 1, 2023

Easy to put together and you can do so many exercises with it.

Avatar for Ashley Owen
Ashley Owen
October 31, 2023

I’ve always wanted to take a Pilates class but near my house They are so expensive. Decided to give this at home Pilates set a try! May not be the same as an in person class, but I will say I loved it and it was super easy to use. The instructional videos were very helpful and I also looked up some on YouTube. Definitely got a good workout in only did it for about 30 minutes. All the equipment provided is very sturdy And great quality. My kids could even use this as well and I love that I can now do a quick workout in the comfort of my own home. Definitely recommend to try out. !

Avatar for Isobel Murphy
Isobel Murphy
October 27, 2023

This is a high-quality Pilates bar with four resistance bands. The bands are adjustable and the bar is sturdy and easy to assemble.

Avatar for Nagma Bora
Nagma Bora
October 26, 2023

Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is very sturdy and good quality. I can definitely feel the tension.

Avatar for Leola Dach
Leola Dach
October 25, 2023

This is great to use in an apt or take on travel. Very well made.

Avatar for Damilare Kayode
Damilare Kayode
October 23, 2023

I love my purchase. It’s a great addition to my home gym.

Avatar for Constance Crona
Constance Crona
October 22, 2023

The bars are strong and resistant bands feel solid. Worth the price

Avatar for Milford Senger
Milford Senger
October 21, 2023

Very easy to assemble, easy to work with and fun to work with. Its stainless steel. Highly recommended 👌

Avatar for Dave Taylor
Dave Taylor
October 18, 2023

Super easy to use and definitely saw results after 2 weeks

Avatar for Bart Hamill
Bart Hamill
October 16, 2023

This exercise equipment is great. It’s like having your own personal gym right in your house. And you can work out different parts of your body. This is a must have!!

Avatar for Ronel Khoza
Ronel Khoza
October 15, 2023

I wanted something to use at home and this is perfect!

Avatar for Shade Esther
Shade Esther
October 12, 2023

I recently purchased this Pilates bar with resistance bands, and it has become an essential part of my daily fitness routine. I couldn’t be happier with this purchase!The build quality is excellent – it’s sturdy and durable, ensuring that it can handle a variety of exercises. The resistance bands provide the perfect amount of tension to challenge my muscles without being too strenuous. The ability to adjust the resistance levels is a fantastic feature, making it suitable for users of all fitness levels.What I love most is the versatility of this Pilates bar. It allows me to work on different muscle groups, from arms and shoulders to legs and core. Plus, it’s incredibly convenient for home workouts.This Pilates bar has helped me improve my strength and flexibility, and it’s also great for targeting specific areas of the body. It’s an excellent addition to my fitness equipment, and I highly recommend it to anyone looking to enhance their workouts and achieve their fitness goals.

Avatar for Watson Beatty
Watson Beatty
October 11, 2023

Awesome! Great value and definitely works those muscles! Perfect resistance levels. Love it!

Avatar for Efe Adeoluwa
Efe Adeoluwa
October 8, 2023

Great price, easy to assemble, awesome edition to my workout routine!

Avatar for Chinmay Dara
Chinmay Dara
October 7, 2023

I love that I can use this bar with other bands (I like Bodylastics).I don’t use the squat bands that came with the bar, I uses flat bands and another type of bar for squats.. I wish the hoops were a bit larger, but I can still attach two Bodylastics bands to the bar. I also use the bar (2 sections, easy to switch between two and three) for curls and triceps exercises so it is very versatile. I still use handles for most exercises.

Avatar for Ayinde Onohinosen
Ayinde Onohinosen
October 6, 2023

I recently purchased the Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands, and it’s been a game-changer for my home workouts. The bar is sturdy and comfortable to grip, making it easy to perform a variety of Pilates and resistance exercises.The addition of resistance bands adds versatility to my workouts, allowing me to target different muscle groups effectively. They’re adjustable and provide a good range of resistance levels to suit various fitness levels.I appreciate how compact and portable this kit is, making it convenient for travel or storage. It’s been a great addition to my fitness routine, helping me stay toned and flexible. Overall, I highly recommend the Pilates Bar Kit with Resistance Bands for a versatile and effective home workout solution.

Avatar for Darpan Chhabra
Darpan Chhabra
October 6, 2023

Item is extremely easy to assemble and can be used many different way as described in the manual that it came with so it’s great for beginners!

Avatar for Mariana Hessel
Mariana Hessel
September 29, 2023

I’m 5’5” I received both 30 pound and 40 pound straps 30 pounds was a little light but when I put the 40 pound on I got a really good workout. I had no problem getting this above my head and I got a really good resistance. Everything came in my box. Great videos to follow on YouTube with this bar. I would like to know where I could get heavier bands when I’m ready.

Avatar for Deontae Thompson
Deontae Thompson
September 27, 2023

I ordered this and it came the NEXT DAY! I actually love the quality of this bar and it’s def a great way to start training Pilates at home.

Avatar for Mauricio Nikolaus
Mauricio Nikolaus
September 26, 2023

Good quality delivery on time everything as they said 👍I haven’t try it yet but you can tell it’s a good product

Avatar for Lee Lloyd
Lee Lloyd
September 26, 2023

This do the job of getting my exercises done 😊

Avatar for Jairo Nitzsche
Jairo Nitzsche
September 26, 2023

It’s easy to use, assembled quickly with no difficulties, and it does the job!

Avatar for Neil Thomas
Neil Thomas
September 25, 2023

These are perfect for beginners who want to start. They come with a bunch of different sizes and various ways to use it. There are some workouts that they provide but I just use YouTube to assist. I like the product for the price!

Avatar for Ernestine Altenwerth
Ernestine Altenwerth
September 25, 2023

Very happy with this Pilates Bar. Many types of exercises you can do with this bar and very easy to use and doesn’t take up any space.

Avatar for Marge Hagenes
Marge Hagenes
September 23, 2023

The bar has some weight to it, good sturdy metal not plastic.There is pictures for suggested use and they work!Decent carrying bag , pole breaks apart for travel it’s not in the pictures from Amazon but the foot handles are included.

Avatar for Chantel Opperman
Chantel Opperman
September 17, 2023

 I love trying new ways to workout. Resistance bands have always been my favorite, so these add a new level to that. You can double the resistance bands to make it that much harder of a workout. Portable and simple. Love the little exercise sheet too!

Avatar for Paul Muyambi
Paul Muyambi
September 14, 2023

I’m enjoying using Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar so far. I’m 5’6 and the straps were not too long for me. You can double up the resistance bands which is great for getting a full body work out on and alternating the weights based on what you can handle.

Avatar for Jerome Du Preez
Jerome Du Preez
September 7, 2023

I got Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar for my wife to use and she likes it. Bar is strong metal and the different bands that come with make a good workout. Very easy to assemble and take apart for storage, or keep unit together.

Avatar for Nels DAmore
Nels DAmore
September 7, 2023

This is an addition to my workout plan. Sometimes I missed going to the gym. This equipment will help me to keep up my routine and help also to maintain. Its always some type of exercise you can do with this Pilates bar. Very cool.

Avatar for Matthew Roberts
Matthew Roberts
September 6, 2023

Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is a great product to have when you want a vigorous workout and limited room for free weights. I even took this device on vacation with me so that I didn’t miss my exercise routine.

Avatar for Andres McDermott
Andres McDermott
September 5, 2023

Better quality than I expected.and found a bunch of instructional videos online.

Avatar for Mathias Orishaba
Mathias Orishaba
September 2, 2023

I purchased this for my friend who wants to work on her legs and inner thighs. She raves about it so it was a good purchase.

Avatar for Jeremie DuBuque
Jeremie DuBuque
September 1, 2023

At my age, 56, was looking for resistance over free weight. Want something for squats and lunges. This met the goal and more! Even use it for chest presses and back work!

Avatar for Sylvia Tshabalala
Sylvia Tshabalala
September 1, 2023

my wife does not have the opportunity to go to the gym, and this set perfectly replaces it for her. she can now work out at home as in the gym. The set is very versatile, you can work out many muscles. stable and at a great price

Avatar for Leanne Ward
Leanne Ward
August 22, 2023

I love the product, the problem is… the free video. I realize there are many videos for similar products on YouTube, but, the one that comes with it? It’s a link on a card in the package. I LOST THE CARD!!!! Can someone help a sister out??

Avatar for Joseph Adams
Joseph Adams
August 19, 2023

Extreamly strong bands in the metal rod is extremely comfortable. The whole package is very well put together that you don’t need anything else to work out at home. The quality is super nice and made from high-quality materials. Are you going to last a long time? I’m very impressed with the purchase.

Avatar for Habiba Oluwashina
Habiba Oluwashina
August 19, 2023

I wish I’d known about the Pilates bar sooner. I could have saved myself a fortune in bulky exercise machines. I am getting one of the best workouts I’ve ever had. I’m older and it is not taxing on my joints. Just the opposite, it’s repairing. I folliw a lady on you tube. Not sure I can name her (Calfitt☺️). I haven’t felt this good in years.

Avatar for Theo Cassim
Theo Cassim
August 18, 2023

This thing is great. But I’m short so the resistance is limited but I still love it. I’m 41 and over weight. This has really helped me with mobility. I take the resistance bands off and use the rod as a stretching stick for my upper body

Avatar for Elsie Clark
Elsie Clark
August 18, 2023

I like this set for my home workouts. I find it easy to assemble and it works for my needs. This is a great starting set up for someone wanting to get back in to daily exercise, but not wanting to spend a ridiculous amount on equipment.

Avatar for Katlego Vosloo
Katlego Vosloo
August 18, 2023

I refuse to pay for a gym membership and getting equipment for your home can be expensive. This bar is a perfect option for at home workouts. It’s portable you can take it anywhere!! I do recommend to purchase other handles as this set comes with only one handle set and they’re for your feet. Other than that, it’s great. I’ve recommended it to all my friends since purchasing!!

Avatar for Qadim Sunder
Qadim Sunder
August 17, 2023

This workout equipment is great and easy to use. And you can do multiple home workouts, especially when you don’t want to drive to the gym. 2 weeks in now and I already feel the difference, especially when I lay on the floor to stretch. I highly recommended it.

Avatar for Kiana Schuster
Kiana Schuster
August 15, 2023

This Pilates bar is quite versatile. Pilates can make use of anything to exercise. This bar really helps with doing resistance exercises. If you need more resistance, then you can always add additional tubing and if you need more than what is provided, then you only need to attach them with the carabiner. This pilates bars assembles and disassembles quite easily – but mostly I leave it all assembled for the next time I go to use it. It comes with a storage pouch that easily hangs over a door handle or put on a shelf. This pilates bar has 3 sections that easily snap together and also you can disassemble it easily to take with you for travel or maybe you want to work out other than at home. The bar is secured when you hear/see/feel the buttons pop up. And disassembling is easy when you press the buttons and pull them apart to store. I mostly leave it as is and hang it on a coat hanger that goes over the door. Or I leave it in the door ready for the next time.You should also look at the video you can get just for buying this bar. Lots of stuff you can do even if you have never done pilates. With this bar, really, I think anything you do with it that provides resistance is going to help you exercise — you can exercise every major body part. The resistance bands that come with it are good and you can stack them for when you need more resistance. Pilates isn’t a race or cross fit so you really don’t have to have super resistance. You do it slow and thoroughly and you will get a good work out. The bar has a soft foam over it too so it isn’t hard on your shoulders and easy on your hands to hold.Would I get this again? Yes.Was it worth the price? Yes. Pilates classes easily run $40 a class and you can do so many of the exercises with this bar and a closed door. So, yes, it easily pays for itself quickly.

Avatar for Mary Steyn
Mary Steyn
August 12, 2023

Muy cool, esperaba que se sintiera mas el peso de la barra, ya que decía que era hasta de 10lbs y honestamente pareciera que no tiene nada de peso, igual las bandas esperaba mas resistencia. Fuera de eso honestamente me gusta el producto cumple la función que quería

Avatar for Raquel Schulist
Raquel Schulist
August 12, 2023

I really enjoy working out with this every lady needs one perfect for at home

Avatar for Joel Williams
Joel Williams
August 7, 2023

I haven’t worked out in a year and that was bothering me a lot but I can’t stand the gym location I’m a member of that’s closest to me. Now I was worried that this wouldn’t give me a workout at all but I’m glad I was wrong. I actually broke a sweat with this and I can tell I will be a little sore tomorrow. It offers a full body workout with minimal equipment. I might get some higher resistance bands later on but definitely five stars. Oh and the bar alone is a bit uncomfortable on the neck but if you have a bar pad like I do, it’ll be no problem. Have fun and get lifting!

Avatar for Abbas Ganesh
Abbas Ganesh
August 6, 2023

Awesome way to setup to warmup my muscles. Product feels sturdy and very comfortable to hold.

Avatar for Parveen Narula
Parveen Narula
August 4, 2023

This product is great because you can do a lot with it, various exercises and positions, and I like that it comes with different weight resistance bands. I also like that it comes with multiple bands. The bar and bands are high quality and it’s easy to set up, use, and store.

Avatar for Alpa Patel
Alpa Patel
July 30, 2023

This is an amazing product if you would like to start working out. If you are a beginner and need something simple and easy then this is perfect. It was so easy to assemble that I didn’t need to instructions but there is still instructions if you need it. This is perfect and gave me results fast. It’s perfect!

Avatar for Gilbert Asasira
Gilbert Asasira
July 27, 2023

Thank you for the fast and timely delivery, for home workouts this is the perfect thing.

Avatar for Roselyn Lemke
Roselyn Lemke
July 27, 2023

Easy to put together and gets the job done! It’s a great start to my weight loss journey!

Avatar for Dario Trantow
Dario Trantow
July 24, 2023

*seller reached out immediately after review and provided 2 options for replacement or refund, and responded to my requests within the same day!New straps being sent (though it is a 2-3 week time frame coming directly from manufacturer, which makes sense) so I’m happy with the follow thru!*Somehow I got a sealed one but was still missing foot straps.So, now I need to purchase separately?Otherwise, a nice bar and bands – q26

Avatar for Kubura Babalola
Kubura Babalola
July 22, 2023

Such a great set to have for home workouts. You can customize the weight/resistance amount. I also find that if I modify some things it works for so many more workouts without needing additional equipment.

Avatar for Melissa Johns
Melissa Johns
July 12, 2023

Really easy to use and put together. The resistance is light so, if you are not looking for much of a resistance this is the set for you. If you are wanting a strong resistance, this is not for you.

Avatar for Leda Hermann
Leda Hermann
July 9, 2023

Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is a great tool for working out! The bar is more effective than resistance bands alone and you can do a surprising number of different workouts with it. The grip on the bar is just the right firmness vs softness and the cables/foot holds are super sturdy

Avatar for Pradeep Deshmukh
Pradeep Deshmukh
July 7, 2023

I love this thing! Quick and simple workouts for great results.

Avatar for Diana Tamale
Diana Tamale
July 1, 2023

I am not a bit fan of workout; however, the pandemic and wfh makes me have to. I started to use Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar everyday when I stretch my body. It increase the exercise strength. Do recommend it.

Avatar for Connor Bailey
Connor Bailey
June 27, 2023

Easy to assemble, and also easy to roll the bar to increase or decrease tension. Really loving it so far.

Avatar for Kamlesh Peri
Kamlesh Peri
June 27, 2023

so many ways to use but as a crunch assist is my FAVE

Avatar for Garret McKenzie
Garret McKenzie
June 27, 2023

Im missing 1 of the 40 lb bands. Any chance I can have one delivered?

Avatar for Gavin Turner
Gavin Turner
June 18, 2023

Stretched Fusion Pilates Bar is a product that will never disappoint you. I didn’t expect it, but when I received it, I decided to buy another one. It’s very practical and convenient to use, and the quality of the product is very good. I’m very happy to buy such a good product. I hope you are the same!

Avatar for Brooke Hansen
Brooke Hansen
June 14, 2023

Purchased for Pilate workouts! It works!

Avatar for Justus Ortiz
Justus Ortiz
June 4, 2023

Will I work out with it as hard as in my pilates class? I like that you can take it when you travel. I’m going to use it as part of my workout.It’s easy to put together and change the resistance. The workout guide gives you ideas and guidance. It’s a keeper.

Avatar for Jaydon Jacobi
Jaydon Jacobi
May 29, 2023

Simple assembly. Easy to use and perfect for my workouts.

Avatar for Louis Taylor
Louis Taylor
May 26, 2023

I honestly love it! Its way better than going to the gym waiting for other workout machines to work every muscle out. I been using it for 4 months and I notice a big improvement!!!! It targeted everything!

Avatar for Emelia Buyinza
Emelia Buyinza
April 21, 2023

I found this tool useful. I worked my arms and I could feel the pain of it. It worked for me.

Avatar for Radhe Khanna
Radhe Khanna
April 14, 2023

Great product, easy set up, and works great.

Avatar for Wesley Matlala
Wesley Matlala
April 6, 2023

It’s definitely works, but it’s such a low impact so it’s great

Avatar for Terrence Breitenberg
Terrence Breitenberg
April 4, 2023

I love working out with bar! Great for stretching!

Avatar for Herman Abayisenga
Herman Abayisenga
March 28, 2023

As soon as Amazon delivered this I put the baby down for a nap and opened it.It was easy to assemble, all of the parts were there and some exercise tips. I have added this to my work out, I have mobility and strength issues from a recent car accident, this is definitely going to help.

Avatar for Gbeminiyi Adebayo
Gbeminiyi Adebayo
March 28, 2023

I use this kit when I am traveling. It fit easily into my carry on and it is no problem to assemble it at any time. I also use it at home and absolutely love it. I am 5’7” and the resistance bands are just perfect!I highly recommend this product.

Avatar for Randi Raynor
Randi Raynor
March 21, 2023

I love everything pink lol so this was a no brainer for me.I bought it to work out at home and bought some extra resistance bands to add a little weight because these were a little light for me.The bar is easy to assemble and everything comes in a bag for travel.I use it just about every day.Really happy with this purchase :D

Avatar for Zainab Adewale
Zainab Adewale
March 3, 2023

I’ve been using this daily 20 minutes in the morning and 20 minutes at night. Along with regular exercise and diet I’ve lost 15 pounds!!

Avatar for Omawunmi Isaac
Omawunmi Isaac
February 28, 2023

I am pleased with my order, it’ll service it’s purpose for my exercise needs. The items are durable, quality is very important to me.

Avatar for Naomi Wood
Naomi Wood
February 15, 2023

 The bar was very easy to assemble everything just clips in together. You can do different types of work outs with it, and it comes with various resistance bands.

Avatar for Julie Hlongwane
Julie Hlongwane
January 25, 2023


Avatar for Titi Aderonke
Titi Aderonke
January 24, 2023

I love this all in one piece of exercise equipment! Fast and effective! I’m toning up

Avatar for Mary Malinga
Mary Malinga
January 23, 2023

I am enjoying this product. I was able to assemble easily and like that it comes with three levels of resistance. I have also found that looking it helpful to look on Youtube for workout videos using the portable pilates bar to give more ideas than just the ones that are shown in the pamphlet.

Avatar for Arnold Kazibwe
Arnold Kazibwe
January 15, 2023

I love how durable this set is. I can’t wait to get into my workout routine with it!

Avatar for Mozell Lemke
Mozell Lemke
January 12, 2023

Easy to assemble, easy to use and works for exercise

Avatar for Lucious Gutmann
Lucious Gutmann


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