Success Stories of My Online Personal Training Program

I am confident that we can make great progress together in my online personal training program. However, I must emphasize that there is no guarantee of specific results, and outcomes may vary.

Please take a moment to review some of my past clients’ fitness success stories.

Will’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Will's 12 Week Body Transformation

Will came to me for competition preparation coaching, and in just 12 weeks, we helped him achieve an impressive physique for his first natural bodybuilding show, where he secured 3rd place. His natural flow and balance enhanced his shape and definition on stage. To this day, Will remains committed to training hard and smart, maintaining his lean, strong, and healthy physique!

Michael’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Michael's 12 Week Body Transformation

Michael started out soft and sluggish, but after following my nutrition and workout program for 12 weeks, he dropped his body fat from 22% to 12%. At 46 years old and a vegan, he’s living proof that combining a vegan bodybuilding diet with high-intensity strength training, along with my Powerpose® system, can make you stronger, leaner, and healthier!

Mathew’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Mathew's 12 Week Body Transformation

Matthew approached me with a clear goal: to compete in his first natural bodybuilding show. With great enthusiasm, we tackled the challenge together, bringing his weight down from 190lbs to a ripped 165lbs in just 12 weeks, getting him ready for the stage! Training him four days a week, along with continuous posing practice and nutritional check-ins, paid off when Matthew secured 2nd place at the OCB Chesapeake Classic. His transformation is truly remarkable, and I applaud his dedication, consistency, and passion for the program!

Averell’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Averell's 12 Week Body Transformation

In just 7 weeks of training with me, Averell shed an impressive 30 pounds of body fat, reducing his body fat percentage to 10%. His aim was to compete in his first physique competition, and after 12 weeks of rigorous training with my signature Powerposes, he achieved 4th place in the NPC Garden State Championships. Averell now maintains his lean and muscular physique year-round through consistent training.

Waldo’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Waldo's 12 Week Body Transformation

From the get-go, Waldo showed dedication to my 3-month training program, and I could tell he was destined for success. Starting at 22% body fat, he diligently followed my workout and nutrition plans, dropping down to an impressive 12% body fat. During this time, his waistline shrunk from 34 inches to 30 inches, while his chest size increased from 37 to 40 inches. Even after the program ended, Waldo continued training with me and accomplished remarkable feats, including running marathons in NYC, Paris, Boston, and Chicago. His journey is a testament to the power of discipline and passion. Congratulations, Waldo!

Mike’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Mike's 12 Week Body Transformation

Mike’s commitment to my 12-week program was truly remarkable. He approached it with total dedication and discipline, following the nutrition and workout plans I provided diligently. Alongside, he incorporated the recommended cardio activities and supplements into his lifestyle. His gym sessions were characterized by intense focus, high energy, and unwavering enthusiasm, always envisioning a stronger physique. With his hard work, he managed to trim 4 inches off his waist, while adding 3 inches to his chest and 2 inches to his arms. Congratulations, mate! Stay tuned for more progress pics from Mike soon!

Brendan’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Brendan's 12 Week Body Transformation

Over the course of 12 weeks, Brendan achieved impressive results: he trimmed 3 inches off his waist, while gaining 1.5 inches on his arms and 2 inches on both his chest and quads. Additionally, he reduced his body fat from 23% to an impressive 12%. What stood out to me about Brendan was not just his consistency and discipline in following the prescribed workout and nutrition program, but also his remarkable ability to adapt and persevere through each challenging workout. His determination kept him mentally and physically engaged throughout the process.

Juan’s 12 Week Body Transformation

Juan's 12 Week Body Transformation

Over the course of 12 weeks, I trained and coached Juan in preparation for his debut in a natural physique show. Together, we focused on enhancing his back width, perfecting his posing presentation and choreography, and achieving maximum leanness and muscle definition. Juan’s hard work paid off, as he placed 3rd in the competition—a fantastic achievement for his first time on stage!

Sarahanne Cody’s Pre-comp. Transformation

Sarahanne Cody's Pre comp. Transformation

I coached Sarah both in person and online for over 6 months, and these photos demonstrate her remarkable progress over just 6 weeks. She approached me with the goal of achieving her best-ever physique for her second year of figure shows in Australia. My program focused on prioritizing her workouts, with particular emphasis on training her back and shoulders to enhance symmetry and balance. Additionally, I tailored her leg program to help her achieve a leaner and more defined lower body. Throughout the lead-up to her show, we had weekly Skype sessions to refine her posing and stage presence skills, which ultimately contributed to her success in the 2016 season of INBA figure shows.

Megan Wieczorek’s 12 Month Body Transformation

Megan Wieczorek's 12 Month Body Transformation

Over the past year, coaching Megan online has been incredibly rewarding for both her and me. She has achieved remarkable success, shedding a total of 77 lbs of body fat, as evident from her amazing transformation. This journey has brought about a positive change in her life to such an extent that she decided to pursue a new career path. Megan is now a personal trainer and transformation coach, inspired by her own transformative experience.